WHMCS Invoicing is easily one of its strongest and most important features for managing your customer billing. Automated auditing becomes a very important part of your business as you begin to grow and cannot realistically keep up with changes in hundreds to thousands of invoices per month. There are many benefits to auditing your invoices so we have decided to make it very easy for WHMCS users with our free WHMCS Invoice Auditor Module.

WHMCS Invoice Auditor Module

WHMCS Invoice Auditor helps you keep track of invoice changes and deletions. If you are a high volume WHMCS user then you already know the importance of keeping track of your invoices. Too many invoices to manually view means you just have to “trust that everything is ok”. Automated Auditing is a much better plan. Incorrect invoices cost money. See what you cannot see and VERIFY what you think you know.. is correct.

What’s Included and How to Get Started

> WHMCS Invoice Auditor Module (Free)
> WHMCS 5.3.x and 6.x compatible

This Free WHMCS module adds extra security and peace of mind by automatically auditing changes in your WHMCS invoices. For certain types of business this extra level of secure auditing is a mandatory step for high level certifications. –

– Creates a duplicate of the Invoices table (the data is now safe from WHMCS automated actions or manual delete/edit in WHMCS) –

– Updates the duplicated invoice table every hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, manually or any interval you select –

– Using an internal invoice auditing feature it detects if an invoice is deleted or has been edited –

– Selected admin or custom email address are emailed anytime an invoice deletion or edit is determined. (this is uncommon and should not normally occur in large numbers) –

– Does NOT email on payment status change. (no need – WHMCS will already let you know when the invoice is paid) –

– Optimized for large WHMCS invoice db tables -> successfully implemented and being used on WHMCS containing over 1.2 Million invoices and growing every day –

– Free Plugin. Free Support and Upgrades – More features coming soon.

Getting Started

1. Click the download button to register the Free module and issue a license key.
2. Install the provided module in your WHMCS modules/addons/ directory.
3. Login to WHMCS as an Admin and activate the WHMCS Invoice Auditor module.
4. Select “Invoice Auditor” in the addons drop down menu to access the module.
5. Click “settings” – select “24” (good number to start) in the cron difference drop down.
6. Configure your notification admin or custom email.
7. That’s it, WHMCS Invoice Auditor will audit and keep track of your invoice changes for you.

Cron Automation

The WHMCS Invoice Auditor module has a “run cron manually” option on it’s dashboard but scheduling cron automation is the best invoice auditing solution.

– An example cron job path would be:
php -q /home/username/public_html/path-to-whmcs/modules/addons/invoice_auditor/cron.php

Recommended Cron Scheduling

Scheduling WHMCS Invoice Auditor cron to run once every 24 hours will work best for most users.

WHMCS Invoice Auditor