CloudFlare is a service that accelerates and secures your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and your websites (web servers). With CloudFlare, you can protect your website against malicious visitors, save bandwidth and reduce average page load times.! Our WHMCS Cloudflare module works with any of the 4 Cloudflare price plans (Free, Pro, Business & Enterprise) Visit to learn more.

Cloudflare + WHMCS Automation
and Auditing

Our WHMCS Cloudflare module links WHMCS to your Cloudflare account via client API to instantly sync WHMCS banning and auto-expire actions to your entire Cloudflare network. This is a major leap forward in security as one manual or automated security action in WHMCS can instantly help to protect your entire network of Cloudflare websites, with no complex programming needed on your part and no need to login to Cloudflare directly.

What’s Included and How to Get Started

> WHMCS Plugin for individual end users. (uses the Cloudflare client API not the Web Host partner API)
> WHMCS 5.3.x and 6.x compatible

This Free WHMCS plugin adds extra security by linking CloudFlare to your WHMCS using a Client API Key –

– The correct IP addresses are stored in your WHMCS database when using CloudFlare proxy –

– IP’s Blacklisted in WHMCS are automatically banned across your entire CloudFlare network –

– Control CloudFlare Blacklisting, Whitelisting and Blacklist additions and removals from inside WHMCS –

– Auto-Expire WHMCS bans synced with your CloudFlare account –

– Detailed module actions log –

– Free Plugin. Free Support and Upgrades –

Getting Started

1. Click the download button to register the Free plugin and issue a license key.
2. Install the provided module in your WHMCS modules/addons/ directory.
3. Login to WHMCS as an Admin and activate the WHMCS Cloudflare module.
4. Select “WHMCS Firewall” in the addons dropdown menu, select “Settings” and insert your Cloudflare API key.
5. Banning and Unbanning actions in WHMCS are now instantly synced to your Cloudflare account.