Make money selling our WHMCS Firewall Module

Refer your customers to WHMCS Firewall and earn an additional income from the users you refer. If you have resellers, web designers, or other online businesses that use WHMCS then you are missing out on potential extra revenue.

The Basics of our Affiliate Program:

Getting started is easy. Making money is even easier!

  • We pay 20% commissions on all referred WHMCS Firewall module license sales.
  • Applies to Monthly, Owned or Enterprise Licenses.
  • That’s $1.99 per client every month from monthly leases.
  • And $49.80 – $900 per client for owned to Enterprise licenses.

Join now and start earning money right away through a partnership with us. The sign up process is very quick and easy and can be completed here:

Become a WHMCS Firewall Affiliate

The simple and easy fine print:

Our WHMCS Firewall module is the easiest referral sale you can make. We have some very simple rules:

  • The WHMCS Firewall Affiliate program is designed to reward you for referring new customers to us.
  • You must have $50 or more to make a withdrawal from your affiliate commissions balance to your PayPal account.
  • At some point our 20% Affiliate commission rate WILL be REDUCED to 10% for new affiliates. JOIN TODAY to lock in our current 20% Affiliate Commission rate.
  • All affiliate requests have a 60 day payout delay to allow for refunds & disputes.
  • You must not try to process self referrals as we could block you from the affiliate program.
  • WHMCS Firewall is NOT a part of WHMCS. We are a totally separate Web Management & Development company. Learn more about us at
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